Thursday, February 24, 2011


recently i have been playing a little more tf2, and not a game goes by without someone spamming asking for metal or wanting to trade for something. this makes me sad and frustrated as TF2 used to have such an awesome community and valve seems to have lost a lot of respect for the game recently. With features like trading and crafting, i feel a lot was lost from the game, and its less of an FPS now, more of a hat trading collecting extravaganza :(

I dont mind crafting, as it helped to get rid of useless duplicate items that i had lying around in my inventory, but i hate how valve just pumps out useless updates, and worse, puts in the option to PAY for in game items. thats not what TF2 was all about for me when i started playing, and i only really enjoy it when playing with a group of real life friends now.

Thanks for reading my rant, comment with your opinion on the new direction valve is taking with tf2. or just say hi. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vial of the sands!

Its been a long grind of mining and a couple of nice AH'd drops, but i finally saved up 40k gold and got the Vial of the sands! If you don't know, its a "Mount" that transforms you into a dragon.
Anyway, i saved up the 40k gold, and a random in trade chat sold it to me for 37000g! so i still have around 3k gold to spend on repairs and enchants.

Short post, basically excited to have a new mount, especially one that makes me take the form of a sandstone drake. below is a pic of this badboy.

Let me know what you think the coolest mount is, my faves that i have is this new vial of the sands mount, my onyx netherwing drake, mechanohog, frostwolf howler (love wolves)! and my red proto drake!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New (kinda) phone!

First off, sorry this isnt a games related post - really busy atm
Ok so today i was sitting around after lunch biting my phone because hey, why wouldn't you want bite ur phone? Luckely for me within an hour my buddy provided me with a band new phone, for free! :D its kinda old, the Palm Treo 750, but its still a nice phone, all i do it text anyway.

Sorry for the lack of updating the blog, been so piled up with homework lately, taking the suicide 5 in VCE, Physics, Chemistry, English, Maths Methods and Specialist maths. Quite a work load.

in my last post seamagpie said...
tf2 is sweet have you tried the new mode, saxton hale?

Yes i have and i LOVE it! its not actually a valve TF2 game mode i think, its a modded server that runs on TF2. i play on the Ozzy Furocity (OzFur) saxton hale server, if anyone wants to check em out, public group so anyone can join.

it is a furry group, but they encourage and accept players that are not :), as long as a good attitude and mutual respect is kept as usual.

Let me know what you think of the phone if you want, its kinda old but still a beast.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Steamy steam

I've been flooded with maths homework lately, so i dont have tons of time for a big post like i intended, but a couple of people commented asking for my steam ID. If anyone wants to add me and chill (im not very active except on weekends), they can try adding me at . ill be online a lot, but mostly AFK :) more likely to just play some tf2 on the weekend.

in other news, considering changing my troll mage to an alliance worgen mage, because i love wolves and also because my server is WAY over populated on horde.

What do you think i should do, Worgen? or stay horde. i prefer horde but the overpopulation is getting to me, and worgens look awesome. Let me know in the comments if you want :)

ill get a better post later in the week i promise.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

level 85 rare elite (rare spawn)

So here i am, roaming around twilight highlands on my mage, in search of some tasty elementium ore to mine when BAM!, some giant squid faced monster is starting me right in the eyes. when i saw the silver dragon around its portrait i was all "oh sick, first rare spawn for cataclysm" and proceed to attack it. Turns out this beast had 30mill hp, and killed my cloth wearing mage in around 2 seconds. after gathering around 8 of my buddies, and couple of randoms, we hit the boss again, wiped once and then killed it on the second attempt. Dropped a tasty 346 ilevel caster 1h, which i rolled highest for a sold for a neat 10k to a guildy. Now im happily sitting on 40k gold, full set of pvp-gear with 2.5k resiliance, just in time to go back to school. Because of school i wont be playing as much wow, but ill still log on a couple of times a week, and ill be playing a little bit of valves TF2 (team fortress 2).

Heres a video of me killing the last 7mill hp of Julak-Doom, Note me jumping and moving like a maniac, as i was very tired and slightly drunk :)

The music in the video is by my unsigned buddy Madeon, if you liked the music you should check out his youtube channel itsmadeon

one more thing before i end this long post - littledinobug said...

"Yeah post a WoW update. Anyway..your opinion of sacrificing DPS for more CC in Cata? I know they nerfed Surv hunters in the DPS department but I feel more comfortable holding on to it because of the extra CC it brings."

Personally, i like the new system compared to Wotlk. to me it feels more like vanilla or tbc. less about tank and spank, and more about fight tactics, teamwork and of course, moving from the fire :) more CC is a good thing, because it require some (not much), thought and skill to get right, to know what to cc and when etc. it is a little frustrating going from pulling 20kdps in icc (easy fights+damage buff to thank for that) to doing 10-15k dps in cata 5mans.

Anyway, massive post, Cheers for reading, comment etc. Do you want more wow posts? or should i do something about some steam games? let me know

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lol - Runescape

So a buddy of mine informs me that runescape has re-opened free trade or something like that, Doesn't really effect me because i never played much RS, but i do have an account from a few years ago, and if any of you wanna buy it from me (unlikely) go nuts and let me know in the comment section below :)
With all seriousness, i don't except any offers for my shitty account. Ill post a wow update soon, got a video in the making.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baradin Hold

Ok so today after winning Tol-Barid,  i got a PuG group together and hit 10man baradin Hold.

Got the epic pvp gloves for my mage, so im pretty happy about that. working towards a full epic set, 2.1k resilience at the moment.

Saturday, February 5, 2011